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Programming, Systems (Linux and Windows), Networking... How tos, Questions, Answers... Geekin' it up a bit is good for the soul.

My name is Matthew Hassel. I am really just a simple fella. I enjoy long nights of coding and solving problems. If I had to choose a programming language, I would choose python. I am an introvert naturally, so don't take my non-chattiness as an insult; I simply like to observe.

When practicing coding, I really like to use the site called Codeeval provides the challenges, and you provide the solutions. Based on your submissions you gain a ranking which can be tracked in your profile. If you are curious, feel free to check out my profile (Codeeval Profile), and sign-up for one yourself.

This site is an ongoing project of mine. I like to every once in a great while try my hand at design and writing cool sites. I am looking for ideas because I come up with great ones, and then, I kid you not, a week or two later there is some Facebook ad about my idea. I am beginning to think I move too slow; that, or my girlfriend who I have discussed these ideas with in private is selling them for a profit behind my back.

If you or someone you know has a project and would like the extra and willing hands, mosey over to the contact page and throw me a bone.